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At Home HVAC Services we understand how important it is to be comfortable in your home when its cold outside. For all of our heating services we work with some of the top brands around, ensuring the highest quality products for you home. Our staff is highly trained in heating installation and services, and we are prepared to meet even the highest standards of our customers.

We understand that each customer and each home is different and requires different levels of service. When we work with you for your heating service needs, we will customize our services to fit your schedule and your home. We want to make sure that this experience is as stress free as possible for you. Replacing your old heating unit with a newer one will increase the comfort level in your home, and lower the amount of money spent on utility bills.

Oil Heating

Heating Oil is one of the safest, most efficient ways to heat a home or business. Heating oil is a very stable, non-combustible, non-explosive product. The high levels of efficiency are a result of the high BTU content found in a gallon of oil, versus an equal measure of natural gas, propane, or electricity.
How/Why is it efficient? Modern Heating Oil systems perform at 85-95% efficiency or higher. Meaning that for every dollar you spend on heating oil, about 85-95 cents is used to heat your home and\or hot water.
How/Why Is It Economical? Annual heating costs for heating oil are consistently lower than natural gas or electricity. Studys have show that oil heats more efficiently than natural gas does.
Is It Really Safe? Heating oil is non-explosive. It is also nonflammable, meaning that it will not burn in a liquid state. If you were to place a lit match into a puddle of heating oil, the match would be extinguished same as it would be in water or any other liquid.

Propane Heating (L.P.)

Propane is a great energy source that not only brings warmth and comfort into your home, but is environmentally friendly. Propane is one of the cleanest burning fuels available. Because it does not put a strain on electricity, propane heating reduces the risk of power outages. Propane offers new ways to make any home affordably warm and comfortable all year round, while preventing environmental harm.

Natural Gas (N.G.)

The heat provided from a natural gas system tends to feel warmer than that provided from an electric pump. This is because natural gas heat is delivered from forced-air systems at higher temperatures. While natural gas heating systems may cost more to buy than an electric system, it costs less to operate year round.

If you need a new heating system before this winter settles in, let us help. Give us a call today.

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