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For every installation our Home HVAC Services team does, they follow a strict set of standards to ensure the highest quality of service to our customers. Making sure that your system is installed properly and working at its fullest potential is our number one priority and we want to get it right the first time. Part of the set of standards we follow is as follows.

1. While we are performing ANY welding procedures, we want to ensure maximum refrigerant flow by reducing carbon build up causing contamination. We do so by ALWAYS purging nitrogen through the coil and copper tubing.

2. We want to increase your equipment’s life span as well as prevent you from having to make any future service calls to us for it. This is why we perform a leak test with nitrogen after all of our welding is complete. This will ensure that your equipment will remain working at its best.

3. When it is possible, we will use new refrigeration lines during installation. Many times companies will just clean the existing refrigeration lines instead of replacing them with new ones simply because they don’t want to put forth the necessary effort for it. Not us! New refrigeration lines may take more time, but they are better for your new product.

4. Any foreign objects in a refrigerant line can cause your new system to work improperly or, even worse, fail completely. When we cut the copper tubing, we always do so with a sharp wheel while making sure the tubing is pointed downwards to prevent any shavings from getting into it.

5. When you are installing a new unit, you always want to make sure that the air flow of it is just right. Without this your system may not charge correctly resulting in the wrong temperatures. We will always check and set proper air flow levels for you so that you don’t need to worry about it.

6. In order for us to know how to properly install and manage your new system, we will read all necessary literature provided by the manufacturer. This will ensure that your new system will reduce energy consumption as well reduce as your monthly utility costs.

7. Once oil in a vacuum is used, it becomes completely saturated with moisture, which then does not allow the right vacuum level to be reached. We will evacuate your new system with new oil every time to ensure that this is not a problem for you.

Our skilled technicians follow a very large set of standards for all of our installation projects, the ones listed above are just touching the surface. For more information on our installation standards, you can ask your on-site technician before your installation process starts or give us a call today.

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